Fraud Prevention For Your Business

Integrate Fraud Cloud detection into any online e-commerce application.
Utilize Fraud Cloud to protect your online business from credit card fraud. With over 3 billion US in fraudulent transactions each year, your business needs a tool to make informed decisions. Fraud Cloud provides you with unique insight (a fraud score) to help you make a qualified decision about whether a transaction is potentially fraudulent.

1) Fraud Loss Reduction

Preventing fraudulent online credit card transactions will directly reduce your fraud losses.

2) Instant Detection

Through XML webservices, you receive instant Fraud Cloud detection for your transactions.

3) Control Panel

Manage your Fraud Cloud account online and monitor your transactions in real time.

4) Statistical Reports

View statistical reports and fraud trends generated by your online transactional site.

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Innovation & Technology Solutions

Fraud Cloud, a division of e-City Solutions, is dedicated to providing premier quality service and technology to its clients.

For over a decade, our focus has been on the development of unique internet technologies that provide your business with the tools required to support and build your business.

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